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Annielytics Dashboard Course by Annie Cushing shares the best practices to draw invaluable insights from Dashboard for next better marketing campaigns.

Annielytics Dashboard Course by Annie Cushing: deciphering meanings behind datas and charts

Annielytics Dashboard Course by Annie Cushing guides you through how to find gems in the Google Analytics and Excel charts, which can help you develop effective marketing campaigns for the expansion of sales funnels. It must be useless if you set out a strategy, let it run without monitoring the performance. In such a volatile market like modern business, the marketing activities need to be monitored for insights into suitable adjustments and management for the peak performance. Annielytics Dashboard Course by Annie Cushing provides the whole process of reading charts, with the signals and patterns that you should take notice of.

The blending between theories and practices is found in this course, when you have the syllabus of principles and techniques, as well as the thorough explanation of numbers, database, ratios, etc. alongside the workbooks and exercises. You can adapt immediately the frameworks shared in the Annielytics Dashboard Course by Annie Cushing, for hands – on experience. Moreover, one – on – one coaching access is open when you take this course, which can help you customize the methods and strategies in your favour under the instructions of Annie Cushing. If you are struggling to find insights or ideas for your next marketing campaigns, the Annielytics Dashboard Course by Annie Cushing is a right course for your references.

Overview of what you will learn in Annielytics Dashboard Course by Annie Cushing: 

  • Guidelines of how to read databases and charts in Dashboards of Google Analytics and Excel.
  • Illustrations of charts and case studies as well as workbooks and exercises, for hands – on experience.
  • How to create Data Mashups.
  • One-on-one coaching with Annie Cushing.
  • Instructions on how to build insightful Dashboards.
  • And so much more!

About Annie Cushing

Annie Cushing

Annie Cushing has been a professional marketing data analyst for years, with the pure passion for finding ‘gems’ ideas in the Dashboards of Google Analytics and Excel. You can also find the insights in Making Data Sexy written by Annie Cushing, which helps you find the stories behind the raw numbers and charts. Marketing needs ideas that could persuade your target audience to pay for your solutions from products and services. So where are such ideas? They are driven by the well – structured research from surveys, and the continuous monitoring, which sheds light on marketing analysis for insights into what your target audience prefers as well as their behaviours of making decisions of purchases. Annie Cushing developed a platform called Annielytics for blogs, online courses and marketing analysis services, and so on. The guidelines of how to develop strategies based on insights from Dashboard, Audits, etc. are openly shared alongside the illustrations of case studies and exercises in Annie Cushing’s online courses.For further information about Annielytics Dashboard Course by Annie Cushing, about price, samples, etc. feel free to contact our support team via Email, Skype and Live chat on our website.

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