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The Business Acceleration Bootcamp of Anissa Holmes is a program about recruitment, new team training, and performance evaluations for your dental practice. 

Scale up your practice with Business Acceleration Bootcamp of Anissa Holmes

The WOW Factor Business Acceleration Bootcamp is a group coaching masterclass designed to accelerate your practice’s profitability. You will learn and execute more in our Business Acceleration Bootcamp training program than the majority of dentists achieve in years. You will develop into a more effective leader, you will establish a distinctive practice culture, and you will discover how to motivate your team to work with you to achieve outcomes.

This is one of the most critical things you’ll learn about recruiting and building the appropriate team. When the appropriate team is assembled, there is nothing that cannot be accomplished. It is critical for the dentist or physician to choose the proper team since they are capable of performing, and although your patience will help you develop your practice and support you, your team members, and all of your personal ambitions, this lesson is ideal for you. Anissa Holmes’ Business Acceleration Bootcamp will cover all you need to know about generating recruiting advertisements, pre-interview processes or DISC behaviors, self-profiling, interviewing, drafting positional contracts, initial training, and performance assessments, among other topics.

Here is the outline of Anissa Holmes’s class Business Acceleration Bootcamp:

  • Session One: Vision, Mission, And Principles Of Values: Establishing goals and rallying your team to support them will help you develop your practice.
  • Session 2: Developing a 90-Day Plan
  • Session 3: Profit and Time Mastery: Reverse engineering production goals and developing a strong plan so that everyone understands what to do
  • Session 4: Systems and Key Performance Indicators: Select and develop the most critical systems
  • Session 5: Money Mastery: How to Determine Your Fees and Implement Profitable Systems
  • Session 6: Verbal skills training to elicit affirmative responses from patients Session 7: Introduction to IDS
  • Session 8: Forming strategic alliances

Being a part of the Business Acceleration Bootcamp by Anissa Holmes will quickly track your performance and show you how to quadruple your earnings and build a life of independence.

Meet your speaker Anissa Holmes

Anissa Holmes

Dr. Anissa Holmes, originator of the WOW Platinum Coaching program, supports the principles of leadership, outstanding case presentation, system improvement, and high-return marketing. Dr Holmes is also the leading digital marketing professional in dentistry, educating more than 5,000 practitioners to utilize social media to effectively develop their enterprises. Anissa Holmes has also been named one of Ultradent’s Female Dental Icons, one of Top 25 Women in Dentistry’s dental product reports and has been published in a variety of renowned journals including Dental Economics, Dental IQ, the Dental Products Report, and the Entrepreneur’s Magazine. Dr Holmes is also the best-selling author of WOW: How dentists are able to create a fascinating brand and do more with less work. Anissa Holmes has also been an experienced speaker at Social Media Marketing World and Funnel Hacking Live and has more than 125 million listeners in her Delivering WOW Dental Podcast globally.

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