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The Real Estate Cash Flow Systems training program Get the Deed by Alicia Cox will assist you in acquiring gorgeous new houses subject to current financing.

What you expect to learn from Get the Deed by Alicia Cox of Real Estate Cash Flow Systems

Real estate comprises land and improvements, such as structures, buildings, fixtures, highways, and utility systems. Having valid ownership of property gives one ownership of the land, the buildings, and the natural resources, such as minerals, plants, animals, and water. Rezoning, building, and product sale or lease make up the multi-step process of real estate development. Developers gain financially by building structures or upgrades to increase the value of the property, as well as from assuming the risk associated with financing a project. A new product, referred to as the primary market or the manufacturing of new inventory, is generated by firms involved in the development process.

Alicia Cox’s course Get the Deed will teach you all you need to know to begin investing in real estate. You’ll discover how to acquire and assume control of properties that are subject to an existing mortgage. The advantage of this method of obtaining real estate is that you do not require cash, credit, or evidence of income; no one will ever ask you to complete a loan application or conduct a credit check. You retain control; you assume ownership without making any assumptions or taking any risks. Indeed, this is the same strategy that skilled investors use to acquire and hold real estate. Subject-To is effective in all 50 states. This material is geared for Realtors interested in expanding into the investment side of the company, as well as those who have never purchased real estate before and seasoned investors looking to broaden their horizons. Anyone can use this information to purchase a home for personal use.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn from The Real Estate Cash Flow Systems training program Get the Deed:

  • How to purchase subject-to in a step-by-step manner
  • How to purchase a property with no credit or evidence of income
  • How to persuade sellers to entrust you with their properties
  • How to generate quick cash flow with lease options and avoid landlord issues
  • How to establish a bank and finance your buyers
  • How to utilize the due on sale clause to your advantage and win the banks’ approval
  • How to properly finish your agreements with title and escrow
  • How to employ this little-known method for avoiding Due on Sale situations
  • How to enhance your earnings by adding additional exit methods such as wraps and leasing options
  • How to finance the home without using cash or credit.
  • And a great deal more

Take the Get the Deed course if you wish to get advanced information about real estate investment. Additionally, enroll in this course if you seek residual income and financial independence.

About Alicia Cox: Your master of real estate

Alicia Cox

Homeward Realty Corporation is owned by Alicia Cox. With over two decades of experience in two states as a real estate agent, investor, and broker. Alicia is a main broker and a consultant to other real estate professionals in the areas of investment, distressed real estate marketing, and management. Alicia strives for honesty and integrity, as well as commitment and enthusiasm, in all parts of her life. It is through the application of these concepts that she has advanced to the pinnacle of her profession as a realtor and investor.

Alicia Cox has a demonstrated track record of positively affecting her clients’ financial performance and facilitating successful transactions in management, sales, marketing, and negotiation. Alicia worked as a distressed agent for over 15 years, assisting banks and investors in asset disposition. During that period, she learnt how to assist distressed homes. In 2008, Alicia earned her Broker License. Alicia volunteers her time to assist the needy on recurring expeditions. She contributes to a variety of different missions through her church and charity organizations.

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