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Discover what you will learn from the course You & the Market with Alexander Elder and Kerry Lovvorn

You & the Market is professionally recorded and edited for clarity and brevity for the 2013 Traders’ Camp video. The running time is 5 hours and 55 minutes. A link to this video will be sent to you as a downloadable file after your successful purchase.

Psychology and technical analysis are Kerry Lovvorn’s specialties. Clearly, he tells traders that no one size fits all trading strategy exists. This means that the methods we use to trade are just as personal as the ways we get about. Everyone must observe these simple guidelines. No plan fits every personality, but it is crucial to create one that is best for you. You have Kerry to thank for having the foundation for your own study laid. These are some of the most important concepts you will learn during the course You & the Market:

  • Disk 1: The method, the Holy Grail, the system, discipline, market analysis, and market trends.
  • Disk 2: ATR channels, the industry group chart, market internals, the new high – new low index, and anticipating market signals.
  • Disk 3: Trading tactics, market circumstances and strategy, squeeze play, entry triggers.
  • Disc 4: MACD divergence trades, a study of a trader’s production, and a trade strategy.
  • Disk 5 (a bonus disk): Alex and Kerry show – A Q&A session with Kerry Lovvorn and Dr. Alexander Elder, as well as market analysis. They communicate with one another and collaborate to answer campers’ queries.

A number of similarities exist between the techniques of psychology and market research. Actually, many job paths in psychology are focused on research in the market. Both disciplines are committed to discovering new things about individuals and using this knowledge to better address the problem. The same techniques and processes are used to attain the goals of both plans, but the outcomes will be quite different. In order to establish a better basis for market research results, we wish to learn about the foundations of psychology and apply psychological thinking to market research. Working with this instructive video, You & the Market: Comprehending Key Psychological Issues & Learn a Wealth of Tradeskills can help you understand a number of advanced analytic and trading approaches.

Meet your two presenters Alexander Elder and Kerry Lovvorn

About Alexander Elder

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New York City-based trader Dr. Alexander Elder is a professional. He has authored 16 books, including works that have achieved considerable worldwide acclaim such as Trading for a Living and Come into My Trading Room. As a teenager, Dr. Elder studied medicine in his home country of Estonia, where he was born and raised. He skipped a Soviet vessel on the ocean and immigrated to the United States while working as a ship’s doctor at the age of 23. After earning his PhD, he served as a psychiatrist in New York City and also lectured at Columbia University. His extensive background in psychiatry equipped him with an intimate understanding of trading psychology. Alexander Elder has established himself as one of today’s premier trading gurus thanks to his writings, articles, and software evaluations. The basis of Traders’ Camps and the Spike group is traced back to Dr. Elder, who developed Merchants’ Camps for traders, as well as the more recent Trend Club for traders. He continues to trade and gives presentations around the country and around the world.

About Kerry Lovvorn

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At the age of 23, Kerry Lovvorn founded his own steel firm in Alabama, where he grew up. His eagerness to learn about financial trading propelled him to attend two Traders’ Camps and eventually to join the Spike Group. In order to apply his abilities to organize information and concentrate on decision-making, Kerry became a stock trader. The author of this book, Lewis Lehrman, used one of his trading strategies in his book Entries & Exits. In the book Sell and Sell Short, his stop placement strategy was revealed. The father of Spike Trading also contributes significantly to the business, not only being an active trader, but also helping to establish Trade Journal trade-management software. In 2007, 2009, and in 2008, Kerry Lovvorn conducted Guest Instructor workshops in three Trader’s Camps: Cyprus, the Caribbean, and Macao. As part of his broader consulting business, he offers consulting for traders as well.

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