Alan Weiss – How To Effectively Sell Your Professional Services


Alan Weiss – How To Effectively Sell Your Professional Services


Alan Weiss – How To Effectively Sell Your Professional Services

Five hours of video on three DVDs, recorded before a live audience at the Australian Institute of Management Consultants.

In a day of highly interactive, dynamic, entertaining, and career-changing presentation, Alan covers:

– The two decisions that saved his life:”this is a relationship business”and “never charge by time, labour or materials”
– Why we need a support system
– Changing our focus to be more relevant to clients
– Framing as a key skill
– The Cosmic Woo
– Overcoming the consultants lack of self esteem
– Learned optimism
– Creating your own peers, and being seen as a peer of the buyer
– How you develop interest in yourself
– The strategy to transition from avocation to occupation

– Developing your sweet spot
– How to get past gatekeepers
– Developing confidence and resilience
– The need for resolve
– Creating synthesis
– Moving from reaction to anticipation of the need
– Mastering application
– Developing and exerting influence
– Improving perspective and professionalism
– Learning how not to put too much pressure on yourself
– The principles of market gravity
– Attracting clients

The Contents of this 3 DVD Series are as follows:


1 Language and Support Systems
2 Focus, Framing and the Cosmic Woo
3 Market Gravity
4 The Accelerant Curve



5 The Market Value Bell Curve
6 Question Time
7 Shared Values
8 Ways to Engage
9 Growth Stages for Consultants
10 Applied Intelligence
11 Organizational and Individual Benefits
12 Referrals
13 Monetization of Ideas
14 S Curve Theory



15 Value Based Pricing
16 Next Steps: Dave Staughton
17 Bonus: Alan Weiss at the Conference Dinner

This is Alan at his freewheeling, content-rich best, with stories, examples, demonstrations, and interaction.




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