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The course Blogging for Business of Ahrefs Academy will help you master the strategies and techniques for attracting more lucrative visitors to your blog posts.

Enhance your blogs and growing your website with Blogging for Business of Ahrefs Academy

Blogging for Business is an in-depth, straight-to-the-point video course that will teach you how to grow your blog’s traffic and turn it into a reliable customer acquisition channel for your business. The training discusses three critical points to keep in mind. To begin, this entire course is based on a true story about how Ahrefs transformed their own blog from an unknown resource to one of the industry’s most popular and reputable blogs. Tim Soulo spent six years and eight different blogs figuring out which methods and ideas succeed. As a result, this course condenses six years of sweat, blood, and tears into ten video lessons jam-packed with actionable content marketing and SEO strategies.

Secondly, it’s both thrilling and rewarding to watch your blog’s traffic develop. You must ensure that the traffic you attract converts into paying customers for your business. Finally, Tim Soulo spent nearly a year meticulously outlining and recording all ten video lessons in this course, and judging by the feedback from those who have already taken it, he did an excellent job. The course Blogging for Business impressed not only beginner bloggers, but also seasoned marketing experts. Following the creation of this course, he decided to take it a step further and interviewed three incredible individuals, asking them all sorts of difficult questions: Noah Kagan about growing an audience, Brian Harris about list building, and Ramsey Taplin about starting a blog from scratch. These three additional interviews are truly the frosting on the cake.

The Ahrefs Academy’s Blogging for Business course will teach you how to grow your blog beyond 100,000 monthly visitors and convert thousands of your readers into paying customers. This is a ten-part video instructional course that lasts 4 hours and 56 minutes in total. The following is a list of the ten lessons you will study in depth:

  1. Content marketing’s compounding impact
  2. There are two primary techniques for building a blog.
  3. How to determine a keyword’s traffic potential and ranking difficulties
  4. How to generate high-value content ideas
  5. How to optimize a post for a certain keyword and drive the most search traffic possible with it
  6. How to produce outstanding content that self-promotes
  7. How to generate information that is linkable (and stop worrying about link building)
  8. How to market your content and increase its Google ranking
  9. How to increase the number of backlinks to your blog content 
  10. How to increase the number of backlinks and promote content via blogger outreach

About your course instructor Tim Soulo

Tim Soulo, Ahrefs’ CMO and advisor on product, is located in San Francisco, California (an industry leading SEO tool, powered by Big Data). Ahrefs Blog is where Tim shares his years of expertise as an SEO and digital marketing practitioner. Also, he speaks at numerous digital marketing conferences, including South By Southwest and Voices of Customer Marketing, and contributes to the Ahrefs Blog. He has written numerous in-depth marketing manuals available on the internet, as well as several data-driven SEO research studies.

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The greatest tools and data are worthless if they are not used properly. Ahrefs Academy delivers video courses on YouTube to assist you in improving your digital marketing skills. Ahrefs Academy TV is a channel dedicated to actionable digital marketing training on topics such as SEO and YouTube marketing. You’ll discover how to increase organic traffic on Google, increase your exposure on YouTube, and create your online presence through numerous marketing channels in these lessons. Whether you’re a complete newbie or an industry veteran, you’ll discover helpful lessons on topics like keyword research, link building, content marketing, technical SEO, YouTube SEO, and Google advertising. Along with lessons, Ahrefs Academy transparently provides case studies from their own marketing efforts. As one of the world’s leading SEO tools, Ahrefs is happy to stand behind the petabytes of data that fuel the software and inform its marketing approach.

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