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The AFM Proprietary One Core Program of Asia Forex Mentor Academy is intended for traders at all levels to accelerate their skills and become more profitable.

AFM Proprietary One Core Program of Asia Forex Mentor Academy: A big paradigm shift indeed for traders at all levels

This is the most complete and powerful trading software that has ever been created, bar none. This is intended for use by professionals in the trading industry. It is the method with which Ezekiel Chew teaches the banks, and it is the same system with which he makes six figures every transaction from the comfort of his own home while leading a stress-free lifestyle. The AFM Proprietary One Core Program is a program in which Ezekiel Chew invests his time and energy into building something that will endure for many generations to come. And maybe even to be referred to as an industry classic 40 years from now. In this session, he will reveal all of his unique techniques and tools, which he himself uses to achieve success. A professional trader’s development includes everything from the things we do behind the scenes to their mindset, their execution techniques, their exit strategies, and everything in between.

It takes work, patience, and dedication to develop a talent such as trading a stock market. You must be completely dedicated to studying this skill in order to succeed. However, if you are successful, you will have acquired a valuable money-making talent that you may pass on to your children and grandchildren. A talent that can provide you and your family with food for the rest of your life. This is the gist of the AFM Proprietary One Core Program, which is offered by the Asia Forex Mentor Academy. All of Ezekiel Chew’s sweat and tears from his wins and losses over the past two decades have been structured into these lessons. All of his hard work has been spent testing, tweaking and failing repeatedly until he finally worked out a system only to have it fail again and again until he finally worked out a system, only to have it fail yet again.

The Asia Forex Mentor Academy’s AFM Proprietary One Core Program is straightforward and includes everything you need to know as a trader, whether you are a novice or an experienced professional. This lecture is simple to follow and comprehend since Ezekiel Chew begins with the theory and then illustrates it using real-world charts and diagrams.

What is Asia Forex Mentor Academy?


Asia Forex Mentor Academy


It is Asia’s number one authority in forex trading education and has been highlighted in numerous media outlets and by prominent forex speakers at major forex conferences across the world. There’s a reason Asia Forex Mentor Academy is the industry leader in forex trading training: they want to be your last stop on your learning journey to become a forex trader. By reducing trading to a game of probability and winning percentage, they transform the idea of trading based on gut instinct into a highly organized technique. There are several reasons why the Asia Forex Mentor Academy has generated so many successful forex traders who started out from scratch and also changed many current traders who were losing trades into winners. Asia Forex Mentor Academy’s primary training program is the One Core Program.

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