ADworld Experience 2016 – 20 AdWords Optimization Real Case Stories


ADworld Experience 2016 – 20 AdWords Optimization Real Case Stories

About 18h video + PDF Slides.

All videos recorded at ADworld Experience 2016 on April 14 & 15. Here is the full list:


PPC success case stories (30 minutes each)

How to use shopping peaks properly – Kristina Baus (Performics UK)

How to set a coherent strategy for cyber weekends and other interesting search & shop periods.

Restructuring shopping campaigns – Helena Clark (Periscopix)

How we halved client’s brand CPC by restructuring its shopping campaigns.

Bing Ads & the future of Search – Florian Bouchaud (Microsoft)Insigh

ts about shopping and other main trends in Search Marketing field.

From worst to first in highly competitive markets – Matt Umbro (Hanapin Marketing)Despite h

igh costs, setting realistic expectations and a complete strategy you can still succeed and achieve success. Here is the complete methodology to do it.

Developing AdWords automation with scripts – Frederick Vallaeys (Optmyzr)

Which scripts are really vital to save time and improve performance, and how to implement and control them. 3rd MOST VOTED CASE.

Ad Customizers in action – Martin Röttgerding (Bloofusion)

From mass customization to localized ads, from nice little tricks to complex solutions: learn what ad customizers can do for your campaigns. 2nd MOST VOTED CASE.

E-commerce CRO – Viljo Vabrit (ConversionXL)

Where to start and what to test to improve your conversions? 3 real cases to know how to use insights from conversion research to boost e-commerce revenue.

Using Psychology to optimize your (landing) pages – Bart Schutz (Online Dialogue)Di

scover how the knowledge of human Psychology will really help to grow your Conversions. 1st MOST VOTED CASE.

Search Remarketing advanced – Rob Beirne & Zoran Selinger (Wolfgang Digital)

How to use effectively AdWords search remarketing functionalities with lists from Analytics to multiply your conversion rate by 4.

Using Ad Testing to structure an account – Brad Geddes (adAlysis)

How to use ad tests to determine how granular your campaign settings and ad groups should be before you start building the account.

Pinterest Ads & e-commerce – JD Prater (Hanapin Marketing)

How an e-commerce company increased Pinterest revenue by 1042% with promoted pins.

Final panel discussion & ADWEXP SEM Award 2016 prizegiving.






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