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The Advanced Connector’s Package of Ramit Sethi is a complete training program enabling you to easily connect with and get responses from high-status clients.

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Overview of the Advanced Connector’s Package by Ramit Sethi

The Advanced Connector’s Package by Ramit Sethi contains the following 3 courses: 

  • How to Talk to Anybody
  • Instant Network
  • 50 Proven Email Scripts

Through building strong relationships with high-profile individuals, you’ll get access to personalized mentoring, continuous introductions, and first dibs on exclusive opportunities and benefits. Next, you’ll enter the secret vault and utilize Ramit Sethi’s finest 50 word-for-word email scripts to reach the unreachable, get the ungettable, and deliver the right message every time.

What you expect to learn from The Advanced Connector’s Package by Ramit Sethi  

  • Arrange phone calls with higher-ranking individuals to ensure they have time in their hectic schedules to speak with you.
  • Persuade VIPs to make time in their hectic schedules to meet with you and respond to your inquiries.
  • By soliciting recommendations for people to speak with, you can double the size and value of your network. This script is a lifeline for those who are fearful of networking.
  • Want to make contact with a VIP who is unaware of your existence? Ask one of your mutual acquaintances to introduce you to the unreachable.
  • Request a same-day response from a VIP.

The details of 3 courses included in The Advanced Connector’s Package by Ramit Sethi 

Using Olivia Fox Cabane’s wisdom and Ramit Sethi’s personal conversation frameworks, How to Talk to Anyone is a four-module online course on social skills.

This course, Instant Network, will teach you precisely what words to use when you first contact someone, whether it’s via email or in person. All of this is presented to you verbatim in scripts. Within the first week, your email will be flooded with responses from celebrities you’ve always wanted to meet. Additionally, you’ll get a selection of my greatest content on topics like establishing long-term relationships, approaching VIPs, and even having seamless interactions with them through email, phone, and in-person. You’ll get all of this and more in this course.

If you’d want to learn how to utilize Ramit Sethi’s private email methods to build connections, make millions of dollars, and save countless hours, 50 Proven Email Scripts is the book for you! Don’t try to make something new out of nothing. Don’t stress about coming up with the right words. Use tried-and-true email scripts for business and pleasure.

Meet your instructor Ramit Sethi

Ramit Sethi

Ramit Sethi is a personal financial expert and businessman from the United States. As the author of the New York Times Best Seller, I Will Teach You to Be Rich, he also founded,, and PBworks, a commercial wiki website with a co-founder and ownership of that company. He was a student at Fair Oaks Bella Vista High School. To put it another way, he graduated with honors from Stanford University’s School of Information and Computer Sciences in 2004. He also has an undergraduate degree from Stanford in Psychology. Also from Stanford, Ramit Sethi earned a Master of Arts in sociology (Social Psychology and Interpersonal Processes) in 2005.

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