A Pinch of Salt – In the Recipe Called Life


A Pinch of Salt – In the Recipe Called Life

Most of us are competent and equipped to succeed and live a good life.

However, we still find ourselves wanting and struggling-there is always a sense of incompleteness, the niggling doubt that perhaps we didn’t live up to our true potential. After all, however great a dish might be, a pinch of salt less, and it’s no more perfect.

With an industry experience of 25 years and more, Sanjay Jain shows how despite all the odds, life can still be beautiful. A Pinch of Salt talks of 18 such principles of life, which the author has gathered and learnt over his lifetime. He has effortlessly blended theory and practice to illustrate lucidly some simple but important facets of life that can make a tremendous impact.

The aim is to add that one pinch of salt that can change the balance to make life more palatable.

Easy to appreciate and implement, the book is a charming read with real-life experiences and anecdotes which will change your outlook and complete the rainbow of your life.

Enjoy . No any convert or low quality!





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