7 Ways To Raise Your Rates – Dede Stockton

7 Ways To Raise Your Rates by Dede Stockton sheds light on the practical methods that help you increase the rates of your books for their better promotion

7 Ways To Raise Your Rates – Dede Stockton

Dede Stockton has been known for the series of courses about how to write a book and all the essential knowledge and strategies about launching and promoting it. 7 Ways To Raise Your Rates is one of the most popular courses by Dede Stock, about how to get the positive feedback about your book, which is good for promotion. The perspectives from the insider, Dede is also an author, and the experience of publishing many books, the course is the collection of the best practices that have been successfully applied to Dede’s book launching and promotion campaigns. There are many factors that can help increase the rates of your writing pieces, but the decisive one is the content inside your books. They should have real values and create positive impacts on the readers, rather than bluffing. The referrals will be high if your book is meaningful and well crafted, which is an undeniable fact. The other side of the bloody truth is that you need to make your book exposed to its readers, which means the promotion activities and public relation campaigns. True values will get the chance to shine much more quickly if you can put your works under the light. As a result, you need to learn 7 Ways To Raise Your Rates – Dede Stockton. 

Overview of what you will gain from the  Ways To Raise Your Rates – Dede Stockton:

  • Reconnaissance: getting information about your readership, their preferences, the channels that they prefer to be approached, and so on. 
  • Review Your Existing Programs: finding the best practices and common mistakes that you and your team have done to launch and promote your books, which generates insights into the next campaigns. 
  • Add Resources to Improve Your Programs: leveraging the insights drawn from the previous step to enhance the next projects. 
  • Beef Up Your Marketing Materials: making a beautiful ‘cover’ for the content inside your books is important, or even crucial. 
  • Review Your Dream Client Avatar: more information about your readerships. 
  • Offer a Grandfathered Option: making your readers feel that they have more than one choice when choosing books. 
  • How to Raise Your Rates with Existing Clients: wrapping up with the actions that you should take to navigate a successful campaign of raising your rates. 

About Dede Stockton 

Dede Stockton
Dede Stockton

Dede Stockton is an author of many popular titles for children, such as Sammi Jo and the Best Day Ever, Scratches: My New Life, A Mermaid’s Tale: A Sammi Jo Adventure, What’s That Noise?, Sammi Jo and the Best Rodeo Ever, Sammi Jo and the Best Christmas Ever, and so on. With the aid of experiences as a writer for years, Dede Stockton understands the problems and the troubles that writers have to deal with, including writer’s block, launching events, promotion campaigns, how to develop highly effective campaigns for your book, and so on. Therefore, she has been developing many online courses that are useful for writers and aspiring ones. 

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