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The step-by-step guidelines of how to develop and manage the 10x Sales Pages with lower cost but higher conversion rates, are openly shared by Copyhackers

The step-by-step guidelines of how to develop and manage the 10x Sales Pages with lower cost but higher conversion rates, are openly shared by Copyhackers.

10x Sales Pages by Copyhackers: the playbook of profitable copywriting 


10x Sales Pages by Copyhackers guides you through the comprehensive process to build up a profitable sale page, from the basics to the advanced concepts. There are two tracks packed in the course, which can help you address the essentials and adaptable actions to real development of the sales page. First thing first, what is the ultimate goal of your sales page? The name suggests it all, it is for sales. As a result, the blending between what you want and what your target audience wants is the key for the sales – driven effects. In the first track of 10x Sales Pages by Copyhackers, you learn the solid foundation of writing a convertible sales page, such as the positions of buttons, structure of a page and the content. The detailed guidelines of the 19-step process are shared alongside the video illustrations, which help the learners of 10x Sales Pages easily understand and adapt to real business and marketing. Moreover, you can gain access to a worksheet and cheat sheets for effective management. 


Leveraging the fundamentals that you learn in track 1 of 10x Sales Pages by Copyhackers, the adaptable actions and strategies are shown in track 2. In other words, you will learn how to actually write a convertible sales page. There are seven modules in total, with the focus on the conversion coaching in the first two modules, and the thorough walk – through of 15-Point Sales Page is shown in the next three modules. As a finishing touch to 10x Sales Pages by Copyhackers, module 7 of the second track provides you with access to case studies, examples and exercises for you to practice. Moreover, you can take glimpses into many effective sales pages to learn their best practices as well as spot their mistakes, which can help you build up an optimized sales page that could drive traffic and profits for your business. 


The continuous momentum of earnings needs continuous effort and improvement. Although 10x Sales Pages by Copyhackers shares with you what you should do to develop a convertible sales page, the proactive and non – stop research to update your content and designs never loses its importance. There are many learners who could build up their own business when applying the framework in 10x Sales Pages by Copyhackers. You might be the next, so what are you waiting for?

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10x Sales Pages

Copyhackers is an online platform for online courses and training programs of copywriting and creative writing. Joanna Wiebe has developed Copyhackers since 2011, alongside a wonderful team of professional marketers and specialists. When taking the courses of Copyhackers, you learn the comprehensive process to become a successful or more specifically profitable copywriter. The detailed guidelines of how to brainstorm the great ideas to deliver the message of brands, while grabbing the attention and concentration of your customers, are openly shared in the courses of Copyhackers. Moreover, you can get access to proven frameworks for references. 


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